Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Terror Ain't Pretty

A long time ago we all watched John Wayne and Henry Fonda go to war, the scenes were bloodless and the action always depicted the U.S.A. as the victors and good guys. But things have changed, terror like it's milder cousin, war are not pretty. They are filled with blood, violence and acts less than civilized on all sides. But this is how you win a war or had we forgotten?
Images stream across the television and internet filled with the horror that people can inflict upon each other. I could write a story about the glory of war or make a film that shows the U.S.A. winning every battle and all coming home but that would be wrong, people must see the horror and feel the pain these brave men and women see and feel everyday.
This nation was born of war and acts of sabotage, were they wrong? No, I believe we did then what we had to be done to win our independence. Now we must do what is needed to maintain the very freedoms people shout about each and everyday. So if you see something that upsets you or offends you, think about the men and women who lived it. Everyday we should all thanks a Veteran, their Family or remember those who died for our way of life.
I know that these images can be upsetting but they are a part of healing. I don't need to see what happened in Beirut on television, it runs everyday in my mind but the people who tell me to get over it or just grow up and be a man need to see what we saw so maybe they will understand what it is that haunts us every minute of everyday.
When I post something that is graphic or upsets you just remember I need to let this out and so do millions of other Veterans, without an audience we will bottle it up and that would lead to our own demise and more widows, widowers and orphans.