Saturday, July 29, 2006


I sit and watch as Americans, Europeans and others condemn Israel for defending their border against the very same group that drove a truck into the B/L/T HQ in Beirut in 1983 killing 241 American Servicemen. The act then was the worst terror attack against this country but then we did nothing to stop this young under funded and under armed group of murderers. Today Israel faces these same murderers better armed and well funded and yet the world screams out that Israel and the U.S. must stop the bloodshed of innocents.
Why isn't Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah called upon to stop their attacks on Israeli women and children? If Lebanon had not allowed Hezbollah to hold the south of their country in essence an region taken and held by force. If Syria had not been part of the supply line of monies and weapons to Hezbollah and Iran hadn't funded this group of Anti-American and Anti-Israeli terrorists then we would not be at this crossroads today.
So I ask those who blame Israel and the U.S. to think for themselves and stop being a tool of terrorism, put down the signs, stop shouting about innocents lives being lost and turn your energy toward stopping the real culprits, Islamic Fascism.
I said right after 9-11 that the next terror attack would come in the form of civil protests that would be aimed at tearing this country apart from the inside. I said they would use our laws against us, the Constitution is now their main weapon. I am saddened by the use of this sacred document to destroy the country and people I and many others fought to defend.
If you are one of those who are shouting hate speech at Israel or the U.S. just remember with the right to free speech comes great responsibility, the speech can not be used to do harm, in was guaranteed to us for expression and to bring to the attention of others injustice, not to proclaim that self defense is a crime or to print signs thanking God for IED's or Dead Soldiers.
I see these signs and I want to do harm to these people but that is also wrong and I feel ashamed of my own feelings.
Instead of disrupting the funeral of an American Hero try sending a package to these men and women filled with love from those they defend. How would any of you feel if at your Fathers funeral a group gathered to thank God he had died? You would fill with rage and then the very fabric that is America would rip a little more.
The only way to defeat this country is to do it from within. If you are a Christian, Catholic, Jew or Muslim and you call yourselves Americans then you should have only one interest in mind, the protection of this great nation and those who fought for you and your family.
I know that I am just one person and IF anyone from these groups reads this I will be called a conservative war monger but in reality I am a middle of the road who believes in limited use of our military to protect this country and those who can not defend themselves.
Just think about the other person before you condemn them to Hell, as God said, judge not lest you be judged.


Paul said...

Amen to that.

We are in an unfortunate position that only a few of us can seemingly differentiate beween mindless war mongering and a position dictated to us by reality.

Yes innocent lives will be lost, but many more will be not so innocent. It is crass to talk of collateral damage i know - but foreign policy is there to get a country to the next century, domestic policy to get us to next friday, and a foriegn policy that understnads that the loss of lives is sad but necessary consequence of getting us to next century (or even nextdecade) is the only sort of foreign policy that i would want. in this situation it is a time to be bold and to be decisive. I commend your remarks

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I remember the 1983 Beirut Bombing frequently. I lost my good high school friend David Nairn in that terrorist attack. I have never forgotten the shock, the horror, the waste of human life. I made sure I visited his grave when I last went to Arlington. I think of David often, miss him, pray for his soul, as well as the souls of those lost with him. I wish our country would remember.

SM2_Ayers said...

I have never forgotten any of those who died that day. I see most of their faces when I close my eyes.
I am proud to be an American but I feel as though I and alot others were let down that day.

Tammy Nairn Freshour said...

I was the wife of David Nairn. I have become some what obsessed with Beirut in the last few days. I don't know why maybe it is because maybe I can start to deal with it in a different manner. I was never told what Davids injuries were and that has haunted me all of these years. If anyone knows anything about him I would be most grateful.