Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Here is the definition of Treason :
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trea·son (trē'zən)
Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
A betrayal of trust or confidence.

Now if we take this literally then when an official of our own Government decided to ignore the message warning of the attack and act of treason was committed and it is punishable by death, in this case the death of 241 innocent men.
We need to let our government that we will not rest until this wrong has been righted.
Call or write your Reps today, tell them it is time to reopen the investigation, we can't turn our backs on acts of treason if we call ourselves Patriots. Now is the time to rise and be heard.

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Anonymous said...

i was a sniper then i got appendis at 0430 that morning of the 23 of oct i was taken to the hospital ship in the bay i have tried for years to stay clear of these sites clubs and all things ive drove myself in the pitt of hell to punish myself for being supposely lucky that day today jan/01/2009 is the day i stop and start fighting for my lost brothers we were done wroung our leaders did not do any thing we as marines joined because we did not think we were the best but because we wanted to be the best and our countrys leaders let us down which a mormoial is not enough for to long our countrys politans have let our young men die in vain it has to stop in the us constitution it states that its is our right and duedy to through off such goverment that dose not server the best intrest of its people again people not corperation how long are we has a people of this nation going to stand by and let corperate america tell our goverment what to do maybe its time for the people of this country to take back what is taken from us every day by them who can afford the lobbest votes are a joke every great power of this world has had at one time or another had an upriseing of its citzens to get rid of those who forget who they really work for us the answer is harse but revelution why can a corperate bank get billions of our money but if you file for diabilty that you have worked for over 20 years and put in to. this goverment makes you jump though hops and stale mates you in to bankrupcy with form after form but the banks have a 2 page form with 1 question on it do you have a plan y or n not what is that plan or how are going to pay the back nothing we as a people would not let a person come into there home a take there stuff without a fight so why are we letting and standing by and doing nothing when corperate america does it with a pen when is enough enough and we start saying doing anything im not going to take this shit any more when you become a marine on that day of gradution you feel proud your giving the speach of how many have stood before to serve this nation and died for this nation we as a people of the united states of america when we do nothing we are just as guilty as those who steal from us in our name for my fellow shooters and marines you are never forgoten and untill now i was just as fault for trying for not speaking out for that i only ask for giveness from my band of brothers the rest of you who were not there fuck off you are the problem you let our elected officials do whatever because you dont want to deal with it every body including me cpl res for that me for the last 25 years i am at falut for my part of that but today it stops and i remenber what and why i became a marine in the firstr place to supoort and defend the people of this nation againest ALL enemeys even the ones we elect to do or bidding and yes when these leaders do nothing they are guilty of high TREASON