Friday, February 10, 2006

These Are Your Rights

The sleeping masses, those who have no idea that men and women are giving their lives for you, for your right to speak your mind, the ability to sleep well in a world filled with hatred. I have known these men and women, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with them to make your nights safer, your days brighter. Most Americans swell with pride when the Old Glory is carried by in the local parade, most will shake the hand of a hero. These are the patriots who understand what these men and women sacrifice for but in the corners of every part of this great nation sits people who hate all that we stand for, they fill with anger when the flag passes and would spit on the hero but these people have that right. The Heros gave it to them, fought and died for those people to have the right to spit in their faces. This is why The United States of America is the greatest nation on the Earth.
So either stand up or turn away but Old Glory is raised high in battle by the very men and women who may have once placed your groceries in a bag or played with your child. Maybe they were standing right behind you the last time you spat on the flag, these men and women will spill their own blood so you all may live in peace.
So sleep well America, speak your mind and maybe say thanks to those who are fighting to preserve these rights.


Annonamous said...


you need to have an email address in a prominent place..

Other than, do you know Keith Hall, the CIA agent who was incharge of the embasy bombing in Beruit, aka Captain Crunch?

He knew the Marine Barracs bombing was coming down and was FIRED from the CIA for doing his job..

See the History Channel and do a search for Captain Crunch --

To bad you need to remain in a place where its hard to make contact..

FRUSTRATED, I leave you site

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi.