Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Duty

Every Sailor, Marine, Soldier or Airman will know of what I am saying. When we serve we all know of the danger, the possibility that we will not return home. A bond is formed and silent promises are made, you know that if your Brother falls in battle that you will not only carry his memory but you will look after his Family whether it be his Wife and Children or Parents or Sibling or even a dog.
Our duty as Veterans is clear, we must remember our Fallen and we must look after their Families but we are not the only ones with a duty. The Family of the Fallen also have a duty and that is to the living Veteran, when we are weak from carrying the memory they should step up and lend a hand. We must all support each other no matter the sacrifice.
Together we have to honor the memories of our Fallen with selfless sacrifce. So if you are bound by this duty, step up and band together we have work to do.


dogtags said...

Correction: We have A LOT of work to do. Great Post... Semper Fi and May you have fair winds in your sails.

SM2_Ayers said...

Agreed DC, we do have ALOT of work to do.