Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Elections and Voters

I sit tonight and watch local TV news reporters interview voters at polling places and I am scared. Not by the reporters poor questions but by the voters who can not form a simple sentence.
Now I believe in democracy and I make mistakes but when the mistakes roll of the tongues of voter after voter then I must question the intelligence of these voters. Is it that people pay no attention during campaign time and just vote for the party? Or maybe they decided at the last minute to vote and voted for the person with the name which sounds soothing to their ears.
I wish that we could test voters to make sure they knew what was going on before casting a ballot. We have all learned over two Presidential Races that each and every vote counts so these blathering fools are making a difference.
Now I know I was a little harsh but our future is the hands of people who don't know what is really on the ballot of who is on it. One voter on a local broadcast explained that this election was less important than the Federal election last year. I swear today I was voting for Congressmen and Senators and I don't remember a big Federal election in 2005, but I said that's one person.
Well the next commented that Morning Doves are just little birds so we shouldn't hunt them, well so are a lot of things we hunt. Maybe we should have looked into another reason to not hunt something besides being little and hatched from an egg.
These are but two examples I switch from channel to channel and hear the same stuff over and over again.
America maybe we should educate each and every person who is eligible to vote instead of worrying about Madonna's adopted child.

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